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Environmentally-friendly play

Written by Kids & Crew .


Posted on July 07 2020

They jump at any chance to go to the park or the beach. So how can we channel their love of the outdoors into a life-long commitment to caring about our planet?

Creating a meaningful connection between the environment and kids is increasingly important as we all strive to make the planet a better place for generations to come. Kids are naturally curious - they dream, they imagine and they question possibilities. They are the engineers of the future. Engineering is considered one of the most creative scientific disciplines and it is through play with STEM toys that kids can discover a fascination and love for protecting their environment.

Through cleverly designed STEM toys, children can learn many useful things, such as, the science of cleaning and reusing dirty water by conducting interesting water purification experiments or they can learn to use recycled materials to build new and interesting things. They can also learn about generating energy from renewable sources, like wind and sun. 4M has a diverse range of environmentally-friendly, green science and eco-engineering toys to help kids learn more about the environment and how to look after it.

There are many fun craft activities specifically designed to use recycled materials, nurturing kids creativity whilst also nurturing their love for the environment. 4M have a Green Creativity range that includes Recycled Paper Beads & Pressed Flower Art.

At Johnco we have a great range of green energy, salt water-powered vehicles, including a car and motorcycle, a spider and a baja runner.

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