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Kids & Crew

Kids & Crew is getting back to the basics of fresh air, adventure and encouraging budding curiosity - everything you could want for your developing child.

After 30 years of bringing quality products and education to new parents and babies, children will now also be provided with the latest and greatest gadgets, gear and guidance.

With family-friendly events, tips for parents and educational products a plenty – you will have everything you need to inspire your child’s learning, growth and curious investigation into the marvelous, big-wide world that awaits them.

Kids & Crew is excited to make parenting children 3-8 years old easier, by being your go-to for child entertainment and development, after all, you may have a world explorer or scientist in the making!

The Pregnancy, Babies & Children's Expo is Australia’s BIGGEST & the WORLD’s longest running early parenting event. We connect leading brands and experts with new Australian families. We currently host 9 Expos around Australia annually, where Visitors can talk directly with brand owners, product developers and service providers and have their questions answered.

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