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Beau Hudson Sleeveless Chambray Shirt


The Beau Hudson Chambray Sleeveless Vest is perfect for the warmer months, or to throw over your fav tee or long sleeve for an on trend look! Made from 100% super soft cotton, and milled by us to get the style and design just right. We have designed this vest to fit the same as the shirt- be longer in length, slim fit to create a slimline vest that also allows for room in all of the right areas so theres no restriction for active kids!

The BH Chambray Vest has all of the same awesome features as the long sleeve shirt- it's slim fit (while makings sure kids have plenty of room still to move), freyed edge sleeves to give an edgier look, its longer with a curved hem, and our signature leather patch at the bottom. As you can see from the photos they are all 100% unisex and comfortable AND start at 6-12 months and go up to a size 9! And the best bit about these vests- is they can literally be worn in so many different sizes! You can wear your "normal" size for a buttoned up perfect fit- OR you can size down up to 2 sizes to be a shorter vest and wear unbuttoned over your fav tee! So you'll feel like your babes can wear this for years!


These shirts generally fit true to size. If you child is 4, but normally wears a 5- then we recommend the size 5. Please note these vests are slightly longer in length to give a "tall" fit. All kids pictured are wearing the size they would normally wear in clothing