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Domino Dice Cube Puzzle



The Domino Cube is really three brainteasers in one! This 9-piece puzzle offers a challenge for the whole family. For kids, simply disassemble the cube and try to find the mysterious twist required to reassemble back to its original shape. For adults (or the latent gambler and puzzle fanatic), the challenge is to arrange all the pieces into two different dice, completing the red dot die or the green dot die. Don't worry about rolling snake eyes! The only thing to "ante up" here is your ability to solve the puzzle.

The Domino Cube is a classic challenge, perfect for young and old alike to sharpen the mind and train the wits. And you'll be proud to display this handcrafted, Eco-friendly version for all to play with. Let's see you take it apart and put it together again!


Size: approx. 8 x 8 x 8cm


    1 x Domino Dice Cube Puzzle