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Immunity Snack Bundle - Dino Puffs | Apple ABC Biscuits | Cocoa Probiotic Bites*



We’ve got you covered!

To help look out for your kids health we are offering this immunity loving bundle of 30 nutritious kid snacks for just $40 – DELIVERED!  That’s one less thing to worry about!

With a regular value of over $55,  It's packed full of yummy snacks made using REAL ingredients and created by a REAL mum. The bundle contains products for children from 7 months and older.

*Please note the current batch for the Cocoa Probiotic Bites is 20/07/2020*

This organic snack bundle includes:

10 x 7.5g bags of Organic cheese & leek Rice & Corn Dinosaur Puffs
12 x 30g bags of Organic Apple & Chia Mini ABC Biscuits
8 x 40g bags of Organic Fruity Cocoa Probiotic Bites