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Plastic Playing Cards


Plastic playing cards by Jenjo are a complete deck of premium plastic playing cards ranging from Ace – King including 2 jokers. The deck of playing cards are of high quality and you can play any card games with them. Also, these perfect set of plastic playing cards are ideal for a party, family or friends get together as well. Everyone can enjoy their favourite card games like Snap, Go Fish, Solitaire and Poker just to name a few. Adults can have a great time while playing drinking games like Kings Cup, Cross the River, Switch, Electricity and In-Between among various other games with these plastic playing cards. Cards games are also a great way to bring people together.

For ages 3+ years.

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Jenjo Games handling time is only 1 business day as we dispatch orders Monday to Friday.

Pickup Location: 5 Plover Dr, North Altona, Victoria, Australia 3025

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