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Sassi - Unicorn Book and Giant Puzzle Set, 30 pcs


This set includes a 30 giant piece puzzle and complementary book about a magical Unicorn with a rainbow-coloured mane, a golden horn and star-sparkled wings: discover the charm of the unicorns and enter a world full of magic!

Around its neck the unicorn wears a potion in a bottle of dreams and fanciful notions.

Add but a bit of sugar and a little imagination to the dish and charms turn to magic for your wish. 

Read the fun story and build the giant puzzle!

Puzzle Pieces: 30 Original, attractive packaging.  Practical, easy-to-carry container to keep puzzle tidy

Jigsaw puzzle with giant pieces which are great for little fingers. 

A book with colourful illustrations based on the protagonists of the puzzle

10 pages with a rhyming story to read out loud.

Ages 2+